Whiskey Gifts And That Warming Feeling: 6 Reasons Irish Whiskey Is The Best Winter Drink
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Whiskey Gifts And That Warming Feeling: 6 Reasons Irish Whiskey Is The Best Winter Drink

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From whiskey gifts to hot toddy and Irish coffee recipes – here’s why Irish whiskey is the best drink for the winter time. 

The temperature is starting to drop, and like everyone else, you’re buying blankets in bulk and trying with all your might not to turn the heating on. But despite the cold and the dark, there are wonderful things to be appreciated at this time of year. A smooth dram of Irish whiskey is one of them. 

Winter is a great season for us Irish whiskey drinkers. It’s a spirit that compliments the season in so many ways: it makes wonderful warm winter drinks – Irish coffees and hot toddies to name a few – and is even warming when sipped neat due to that delightful burn. 

But before we get to our list, let us just add that Irish whiskey is versatile, and delicious all year round. If you’re not quite ready to let go of summer yet then check out this list of summer whiskey cocktails using Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey. 

Here are 6 reasons why Irish whiskey is a great winter drink: 

It's Delicious In An Irish Coffee… 

Where hot winter drinks are concerned, it doesn’t get much better than an Irish coffee. This smooth sumptuous drink provides much needed comfort and warmth in the colder months. Irish whiskey is the essential ingredient that transforms this warming winter drink from a regular coffee into something special and luxurious. Irish coffee is a great winter warmer that can be enjoyed with friends in the warm atmosphere of an Irish pub. Malones Irish Bars in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen are well worth a visit and make a mean Irish coffee with Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey. 

Malones Edinburgh are mixing it up with their Emerald Negroni featuring Malones Triple Cask.

Irish coffee can also be savoured at home in front of the fire. If you want to make your own Irish coffee at home then check out our Irish coffee recipe featuring Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey. Malones contributes infusions of caramel and apple, as well as a soft, creamy mouthfeel to this rich Irish coffee. If you’d like to try out this recipe (and really, you should), you can order a bottle of Malones here. 

Or A Warm Winter Hot Toddy… 

It’s not just Irish coffee, Irish whiskey also makes a great hot toddy. The mix of whiskey, honey, cinnamon and lemon isn’t just a delicious winter combination, it is also ideal for soothing your throat and warming your body if you are ill – definitely needed at this time of year! Having a bottle of Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey ready to go on your home bar is essential during the winter for those moments when nothing but a hot toddy can warm you. 

It Warms You From The Inside 

A good Irish Whiskey will feel as if it is warming you from the inside out as it slides down your throat, hence why drinking it neat in the winter is so popular. Malones Irish Whiskey is thick and full bodied enough that drinking it will result in this warm, nourishing drinking experience. It’s also so full of flavour that it enlivens the senses, contrasting brilliantly with the cold monochrome nights that are characteristic of this time of year. 

It Pairs Fantastically With Cold Weather Food 

Irish Whiskey pairs perfectly with cold weather comfort classics like stews, steak and casseroles, so now is as good a time as any to enjoy a wee dram with your meal. It also goes without saying that Irish whiskey is a crowd-pleaser, and goes down well at parties. Learning what party food pairs best with Irish whiskey is essential for hosting the ultimate Christmas party. Check out this list of Malones Irish Whiskey and food pairings for some winter inspiration! 

It’s Great For Celebrations 

As we said - Irish whiskey is the ideal winter drink to crack open when celebrating. And since the next festive party is never far away it’s a great idea to get stocked up! If you’re hosting a party this holiday season then Irish whiskey cocktails will go down a storm with your guests, so take a look at the serves section of our website for some unique whiskey cocktail recipes. 

It Makes A Great Gift 

A bottle of whiskey is a truly special thing, and makes a meaningful gift that everyone is sure to love. Whether your dad is a casual whiskey collector or your brother is an avid whiskey connoisseur, they’ll be blown away by the thoughtfulness and good taste a whiskey gift demonstrates. Even if your recipient isn’t a whiskey fan – they can share it with friends (and you of course)! Some opt for whiskey gift sets, and others for a bottle - you really can’t go wrong with a whiskey gift. Let your friends and family know how much they mean to you by gifting a bottle of Malones Irish Whiskey this festive season. 

Malones Irish Whiskey makes a thoughtful gift, not just because it tastes great and it’s incredibly smooth and complex (although those are great reasons). It’s also made by a family of Irish publicans who had a dream to create their own Irish whiskey, so buy gifting a bottle to your family, you’ll be supporting ours! To read more check out our story. 

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