Malones Whiskey
Malones Whiskey


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At the heart of Malones is our family’s goal: to make great whiskey that people love to drink. Decending from generations of Irish publicans, we understand whiskey - every sip should be an experience, every drop on your tongue should be a euphoric moment that takes you away from reality.

Malones Whiskey

Our community has known us as providers and pourers of drinks for generations. When working with whiskey, you can't help but fall in love with all its variations and complexity. So, as a family who have owned Irish pubs for many many years, we have used our resulting passion and knowledge to create a whiskey that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how they like to drink it. After all, Irish whiskey is a versatile spirit, and with this in mind, we put our heart and soul into fine-tuning every aspect of the distilling process, taking inspiration from our homeland – the picturesque landscapes of the Emerald Isle. The result? A smooth, complex Irish whiskey that can be enjoyed just as much whether it’s drunk neat, in a cocktail, or in a sumptuous Irish coffee.

Malones Whiskey

As a family, we have worked relentlessly on our goal, and have poured our enthusiasm right into the bottle alongside our whiskey!

Looking after our world is so important to us. That's why we partner with a Golden Triangle distillery who are committed to working towards sustainability best practices. Policies include reducing the use of non-renewables and reducing waste, and spent grain from the production of our whiskey is sent to local farms to be re-used as animal feed.

Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey is a product of hard-work, dedication and intricate family knowledge. We know the subtle intricacies behind what makes a great drink. We understand that your drink of choice is a part of you, a reflection on your character. And we desire to delight with our flavours, providing a complex, perfectly smooth Irish whiskey that people love to drink.

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Our Whiskey

Malones Whiskey


Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey is made in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. Starting life as simple grain, the intricately precise distilling process results in a whiskey with distinctively alluring tastes and aromas.

Seeking only the best well-practiced and sustainable distilling techniques, our journey through the Emerald Isle showed the way to the Golden Triangle – the heart of Dublin’s whiskey district. Here, the process has been fine-tuned over centuries of carefully meticulous whiskey production.

Malones Whiskey


The process is a simple one, with exquisite results. The whiskey is distilled in pristine stills of the finest copper. Since all good things come in threes, the whiskey is aged using a Triple Cask method. Ex-Kentucky Bourbon casks contribute caramel sweetness, while the deep flavour of dark fruits comes from Oloroso Sherry barrels. Finally ex-Red Ale casks round off with toffee, oak, and vanilla. The whiskey is non-chilled filtered to achieve maximum retention of these intricate flavours.

Malones Whiskey


On the nose, Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey gives hints of fresh citrus alongside crisp vegetal notes. Subtle oak spices develop into a hearty dried fruitcake aroma.

To taste, this smooth spirit will warm the palate with hints of green apples, evolving to the delights of demerara sugar and caramelized pear. The whiskey exhales gentle breaths of cocoa powder and dried fruits, finally leaving an autumnal impression of subtle spice with sweet apple, cinnamon and silky vanilla.

The flavours of Malones Irish Whiskey have been carefully curated to bring versatility. Drink neat, with ice, or mix in a cocktail – this is a whiskey with limitless possibilities.