Tips For Making The Perfect Irish Coffee
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Tips For Making The Perfect Irish Coffee

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Making an Irish Coffee: it sounds so simple right? After all, this warming cocktail only contains four elements – coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and cream. But there are intricacies to Irish Coffee which can mean the difference between an average cup of Joe and perfection. Follow this simple guide to preparing Irish Coffee and you can’t go wrong!

The History of Irish Coffee

One blustery night in 1943, Chef Joe (definitely not average) Sheridan brewed up a storm with his invention. Working at Foynes airport in Ireland, Sheridan created Irish Coffee to warm thirsty passengers who were stranded in the airport due to the bad weather. Since then, Irish Coffee has become a winter staple, providing two of the most sought-after elements of the holiday season, warmth and alcohol.

Only The Best Ingredients

Original inventor Chef Sheridan believed that to make a true Irish Coffee, all the elements must be perfect. In his own poetic words, it requires “cream as rich as an Irish brogue; coffee as strong as a friendly hand; sugar as sweet as the tongue of a rogue; and whiskey as smooth as the wit of the land.” 

A Sweet Debate

So we’ve established that the coffee must be strong, and the sugar must be sweet, but which type of sugar is best? The old-fashioned method is to dissolve cane sugar cubes into the Irish Coffee. The compactness of the cubes allows for precise measurement and quick and efficient dissolution.

However, we recommend using demerara sugar with Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey. The precise aging process in Kentucky Bourbon, Red Ale and Oloroso Sherry barrels make this a perfect Whiskey for Irish Coffee. Since the deep caramel tones of the demerara sugar interact with the contrasting spice and sweetness of the Whiskey, the finished cocktail is infused with the subtle flavour contributions of the three casks. 

La Crème De La Crème 

Finally to the pièce de resistance of the Irish Coffee – the cream. Creating the perfect layer of cream is a tricky artform. To prevent a deep dive to the bottom of the glass, the key is to ensure the cream is less dense than the liquid beneath it by whipping just enough to keep it light and aerated. Then pour over the back of a warm teaspoon and the cream should settle like a fresh layer of snow. 

Time To Create Perfection

Now armed with some inside knowledge and a few simple tips, have a go at making your perfect Irish Coffee using Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey.



37.5ml Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey
50ml Black Coffee
1 tablespoon Demerara sugar
30ml Cream




Irish Coffee Glass, Latte Glass


1. Layer the ingredients in the glass, adding the coffee first, then add the whiskey and sugar.
2. Whip the cream and pour over the back of a warm teaspoon to float the cream on top.
3. Garnish with coffee beans or a sprinkle of chocolate.
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