Malones Hot Toddy Recipe
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Malones Hot Toddy Recipe

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This week has been all about that cold weather classic – the hot toddy. With National Hot Toddy Day (surely one of the best holidays ever established) taking place on Wednesday, social media has been exploding with hot toddy pics and hot toddy recipes. Needless to say we’ve been loving all this toddy content, so we're sharing our own hot toddy recipe, using Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey.

Read on to discover how to make a hot toddy with Malones Irish Whiskey!

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What Is A Hot Toddy?

A hot toddy is a mix of hot water, lemon juice, honey and a spirit (usually whiskey). Most people also like to include spices in their hot toddy, such as cinnamon or ginger. According to some, the hot toddy was the creation of an Irish doctor called Robert Bentley Todd. Dr. Todd prescribed a mix of hot brandy, water, cinnamon and sugar to his patients as a cold “cure”.

A conflicting account of the hot toddy’s origin is that it was thought up in India under British colonial rule. This would explain the inclusion of exotic spices that were readily available, and the name toddy, similar to the Hindi word “taddy”, which means a drink made with fermented palm sap.

There are also those who believe the name toddy derives from a spring of fresh water on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh and therefore that the hot toddy originated in Scotland.

Whether the toddy is originally Irish, Scottish or Indian, one thing’s for sure – our friend Dr. Todd knew exactly what he was doing when he prescribed this soothing cocktail to his patients!


What Ingredients Go Into A Hot Toddy?

A hot toddy recipe is made up of four simple ingredients: honey, lemon juice, hot water and whiskey. As previously mentioned, spices are also a great addition to any hot toddy for an extra warming infusion of flavour. For this hot toddy recipe, we recommend cinnamon infused honey, which laces the drink with that extra kick of spice that winter demands. Cinnamon and honey also complement the caramel, vanilla and apple pie flavours in Malones Irish Whiskey that come from its maturation in Kentucky bourbon, red ale and Oloroso sherry casks.


Can a Hot Toddy Really Cure A Cold?

Although hot toddies aren’t officially a cold cure, each element of a hot toddy will get to work relieving your cold symptoms in their own way! The steam helps unblock your nose, and the lemon and honey soothe your throat and give you an energy boost with their natural anti-oxidants. The whiskey numbs the pain, and makes the whole thing taste delicious! Teamwork at its finest – and so much tastier than a Lemsip.

But a hot toddy isn’t just for a cold - they are also a cocktail in their own right, and are present on many a cultured cocktail menu. If you’re looking for a hot toddy recipe to soothe your cold, we recommend giving this one a try. And if you’re looking for a hot toddy recipe to savour as a warming winter cocktail, you’ve found that too!


Why Use Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey In A Hot Toddy?

Before making a Malones Hot Toddy, you should know a little about the whiskey you're using! Malones Irish Whiskey is a smooth, complex blended whiskey, which has been triple cask matured in ex-Kentucky bourbon, Oloroso sherry and red ale casks. It is expertly distilled in Dublin’s official whiskey district – the Liberties. This district is known as the Golden Triangle for a reason – the distilleries at its centre make some of the best whiskies in the world.

Malones Irish Whiskey is perfect for a hot toddy due to its complex tasting notes. Warming spice and green apples evolve into demerara sugar and caramelized pear, and the finish is a lasting impression of spice, sweet apple, cinnamon and silky vanilla. Trust us – this is a whiskey that you absolutely need to mix with honey, lemon and hot water on a blustery winter evening.

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How To Make A Hot Toddy

This is a nice and simple hot toddy recipe that’s easy to make at home!


Malones Hot Toddy Recipe Ingredients:

50ml Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey

12.5ml Cinnamon infused honey

Juice of half a lemon

50ml Hot Water

Lemon slice to garnish


How To Make:

Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a heatproof glass, then add the Malones Irish Whiskey and cinnamon infused honey and stir.

Fill to the top of the glass with hot water.

Finally, place a slice of lemon as garnish.

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