Make It A Whiskey Gift Bundle
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Make It A Whiskey Gift Bundle

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To celebrate our branded merch, we’re sending a free enamel mug with every bottle of Malones Triple Cask shipped!

This free gift upgrades a whiskey gift into a whiskey gift bundle - not only do you get a bottle of Irish whiskey (the greatest gift there is in our opinion), but also a trusty enamel mug to drink it in – now there’s a great gift idea if we ever heard one.

And since you’re here reading this (thanks for that!) you’ve probably already heard a bit about our Irish whiskey. (Smooth, complex flavours, Triple Cask matured in the Golden Triangle… if you needed a refresher). We’d like to tell you a little bit about our new enamel mugs.

While our whiskey is our main product, we’ve recently decided to branch out into branded enamel mugs. Enamel mugs first became popular during World War One for their utility and durability, and have since become a tasteful item to have in the kitchen cupboard. And if enamel mugs and whiskey don’t seem like an obvious pairing, then we’re about to convince you otherwise!

Benefits of Enamel Mugs

Enamel mugs are underrated drinking vessels, although many whiskey drinkers (including us) swear by them because of these pros:

They are a go-to when the need to drink whiskey outdoors arises. Camping, hiking, stuck in a long queue? Your enamel mug is your new best friend.



They are extremely durable. Although an enamel mug may chip if it’s dropped from height, they are near-on impossible to shatter. While this is great for the outdoors, it’s also an attractive quality if you’ve had a few too many whiskeys already!

They make great gifts – especially when given with Malones Irish Whiskey as part of a whiskey gift bundle!

It’s simple to heat up the contents of an enamel mug because they can go straight on the hob – let the easy hot toddy making with minimal washing up commence! Just don’t try to put one in the microwave… you have been warned!

Enamel mugs also retain the heat for long periods, so once you’ve made your hot toddy you can take your time to savour it – just make sure you’re careful not to burn your hands on the mug, the tender burn at the back of your throat is much more enjoyable!

They are lightweight and easy to carry, so, much like Irish whiskey, they’re a great companion wherever you travel to.


Honestly – we could probably go on forever about how great enamel mugs are, but instead of talking, we’ll show you, by giving one away free with every bottle of Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey ordered.

Order your bottle + free mug from our online shop!

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