It’s International Irish Whiskey Day!
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It’s International Irish Whiskey Day!

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Today is International Irish Whiskey Day, kicking off the best month in the calendar for us whiskey lovers! It’s a day for truly experiencing Irish whiskey and getting lost in the magic of Irish culture.

This International Irish Whiskey Day, we’re reflecting on the cultural symbolism behind March 3rd, and the importance of the number 3 to Irish whiskey. We also have the chance to reflect on the significance of 3 to us at Malones, and of course we’re looking forward to St Patrick’s Day – only 2 weeks to go!

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History of International Irish Whiskey Day

10 years ago, there were just 4 whiskey distilleries in Ireland. So, how did there come to be over 40 today? International Irish Whiskey Day has played no small part, reminding the world of the wonders of Irish Whiskey!

Just over 10 years ago, renowned whiskey writer Stuart McNamara founded International Irish Whiskey Day. He’d already shared his knowledge and passion as editor of and But, he decided to go one step further and create a whole day dedicated to the celebration of Uisce Beatha (the water of life). His legacy is a day where Irish pubs, whiskey clubs and Irish diaspora in every corner of the globe host and attend tastings, parties, talks and educational events, the enigmatic pull of Irish whiskey drawing people together.


A Symbolic Date

The date of International Irish Whiskey Day is no coincidence. 03/03, the 3rd of March. The number 3 has a special significance for Irish whiskey.

For starters, it’s a reference to the 3 styles of Irish whiskey that you’re likely very familiar with: Blended, Single Malt and Single Pot Still. And most of us are aware of the regulations: Irish whiskey must be matured for at least 3 years.

And let’s not forget the tricolour flag of Ireland which flies both physically and metaphorically over every whiskey distillery in the Emerald Isle!


Malones Triple Cask – The Importance of 3

International Irish Whiskey Day is an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of the number 3 to us at Malones. As its name – Malones Triple Cask – suggests, our whiskey matures in 3 casks that each contribute to its complex flavour profile.

Notes of warming spice and green apples, demerara sugar, caramelized pear and an autumnal impression of spices and vanilla. They’re all thanks to the contributions of the 3 casks: Kentucky bourbon, Oloroso sherry and red ale.

Also demonstrating the significance of the number 3 are our 3 values: Family, Community and Friendship. Malones was founded by a family of Irish publicans at the heart of their community. To them, whiskey is a glass of adventure to share with friends, a dram you share with your Granda, and a catalyst for starting the conversation with someone new. These 3 values are intwined through our whiskey just as prominently as the triple cask flavours.


St Patrick’s Day Is Coming! 

There’s another reason that International Irish Whiskey Day was established in March over 10 years ago - a joyous, musical, drink too much kind of a reason. That’s right: it’s St Patrick’s Day, and it’s exactly 2 weeks away!

International Irish Whiskey Day helps prepare us for the festivities to come. Today kickstarts the next 2 weeks of warming up to Paddy’s Day. But do you warm up slowly or dive right in? We know what we’d pick.

To mark International Irish Whiskey Day and the countdown to St Patrick’s Day, we’re offering a huge 20% off Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey!

Simply tap this link, add a bottle to your basket and apply the discount code PaddysDay. Let’s all celebrate with a dram. Sláinte!

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