Best Whiskey And Food Pairings For Parties
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Best Whiskey And Food Pairings For Parties

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What could be better than sipping an aromatic dram of whiskey? Sipping an aromatic dram of whiskey with delicious food of course. Pairing food with whiskey is not only a way to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger at the same time, selecting the right foods to pair will perfectly highlight the complex flavours within the whiskey. From whiskey and chocolate to whiskey and cheese, here are some suggestions for the ultimate whiskey food pairings for your next whiskey fuelled party or gathering.

Dark Chocolate

Whiskey and chocolate make a classic pair, and a whiskey with sweet caramel or vanilla notes goes especially well with a high-cacao chocolate. The bitter and the sweet balance each other like yin and yang, and the whiskey and chocolate pairing brings out the best in both treats. There are so many ways to take advantage of the fabulous relationship between whiskey and dark chocolate. Yes, breaking off a simple chunk of chocolate and washing it down with a sip of whiskey sounds divine, but it’s possible to make the experience even more luxurious by pairing a scrumptious chocolate pudding with a dram of Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey. The whiskey’s smooth caramel notes make it perfect for pairing with dark chocolate. Put in the effort to bake a dark chocolate dessert to go with your dram of Malones Triple Cask and your taste buds will certainly thank you!

Hawaiian Pizza

Possibly the most controversial offering in the pizza world, but one thing that’s not controversial is how well Hawaiian pizza pairs with whiskey. Add the salty ham and sweet pineapple to whiskey’s infusions of oaky caramel for an explosion on the palate that brings out the best in both the whiskey and the pizza. Pizza is a perfect food to offer your guests with their whiskey, just make sure you stock up on Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey to go with it! Absolutely delicious.


Nothing pairs better with whiskey than a cheese board. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Gouda, brie, camembert, stilton… there are so many options when preparing a cheese board, but we have it on good authority that the basic essentials are one hard cheese, one soft cheese and one blue cheese. Whichever cheeses you choose, whiskey and cheese make the perfect pairing since they are both made up of aromatic, complex flavours, and bring excitement to the palate. A whiskey and cheese pairing is guaranteed to win over your party guests. Although you might just conveniently forget about your cheese board until after your guests have left, and wash it down with a dram or two of Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey… we’ve all done it.

Smoked Salmon

The salty freshness of smoked salmon is perfect for whiskey pairing, and the versatility of the fish make it great for making sophisticated party canapes. The combination of smoked salmon with cream cheese is smooth and delicious, and pairs brilliantly with whiskey. Go one step further than serving salmon and whiskey together and marinade the salmon overnight in Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey, the notes of oak and fruit will provide a tantalising contrast to the smoky, rich salmon. We’re pretty sure your guests will appreciate the extra effort!

Steak… With A Whiskey Sauce

Rather than contrasting or balancing, steak and whiskey compliment each other perfectly, as the oaky flavour of whiskey replicates the juicy, smoky taste of grilled steak. Steak is an ideal food to pair with whiskey for a sit-down dinner party, and it’s possible to upgrade this meal from delicious to can’t get enough by adding a whiskey sauce. Try combining Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey with onions, beef broth and heavy cream and drizzling over your deliciously seasoned, tender steak, for a meal you and your guests won’t forget in a hurry.

Due to its complexly sumptuous flavours and smooth mouthfeel, Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey compliments so many different foods. Whether its a sophisticated dinner party or a BBQ in the sun, this Irish whiskey fits right in. Try it for yourself by ordering from our shop, Master of Malt, or Amazon. For delivery to Ireland get it from Celtic Whiskey Shop or Irish Malts.

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