Where to buy Malones Irish Whiskey online
Malones Whiskey

Where to buy Malones Irish Whiskey online

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We have some exciting news for our Irish customers - it is now easier than ever to find Malones Irish Whiskey online. We are thrilled that our whiskey can now be purchased online from renowned suppliers of spirits, Irish Malts and Celtic Whiskey Shop for shipping to Ireland and Northern Ireland. The whiskey is also coming very soon to Anzac Drinks, so stay tuned for updates. We are also partnered with Master of Malt who sell our smooth complex whiskey in the UK.

Extending Our Community

As a new Irish whiskey brand, we are delighted to be extending our community by working with large and reputable suppliers. Now is an incredible time to be making Irish Whiskey, with the new Golden Age in full swing, new Irish Whiskey brands are constantly emerging using new innovative techniques. The industry has certainly come a long way since the start of the 20th century, when just one distillery was left open and producing Irish whiskey in the Emerald Isle. But Irish whiskey has strong roots, and we are proud to be a part of the resurgence of the Uisce beatha (water of life). So why should you try Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey? Read on to find out…

A Whiskey Infused With History

Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey has been curated from our family’s generational knowledge as publicans in County Waterford and vast experience of providing and pouring Irish whiskey. The whiskey is distilled in Dublin’s historic Golden Triangle, otherwise known as The Liberties, where it is influenced by the rich history of the district, which during the 18th and 19th centuries was at the centre of distilling and brewing in Ireland.

Discover our story here.


At the forefront of our whiskey production is our goal for a more sustainable future. As members of Origin Green Ireland and Planet of Plenty, our partner distillery grows grain on site, which has a positive impact on the environment while also giving Malones Irish Whiskey that authentic Irish taste. It’s truly a win win situation! The lack of biodiversity that is often associated with whiskey production goes out of the window here, since the distillery is home to self-sufficient eco-systems, varied wildlife and even a beehive. Grain crops are surrounded by wildflower pollinator strips to help offset the CO2 emissions involved with whiskey distillation. Spent grain is sent down the road to local farms to feed their cows and chickens, so nothing goes to waste.

We source sustainable bottles, labels and cardboard packaging that reflects our sustainability vision. All our paper and cardboard is FSC certified, and our bottles are made from 25% recycled glass, a percentage that will only continue to increase. Recycle our bottles – or upcycle them! They make great candle holders, soap dispensers and vases.

Read our sustainability statement here.

Triple Cask Matured

Malones Irish Whiskey is triple cask matured, giving the whiskey a smooth depth and complexity. Each with their own journeys and stories to tell, the casks come together to give the whiskey its unique layered taste. Ex-Kentucky Bourbon barrels impart the sweetness of golden caramel, and Ex-Oloroso Sherry casks infuse with sumptuous dark fruits. Ex-Red Ale casks round off the whiskey with oak, toffee and vanilla flavours. Once the three are blended, the whiskey gives aromas of fresh citrus alongside crisp vegetal notes and oak spices develop on the nose into hearty fruitcake. On the palate, green apples evolve into demerara sugar and caramelised pear, leaving a lasting impression of spice, sweet apple, cinnamon and silky vanilla. The flavour profile of the whiskey comes directly from the three distinct and impressive casks it is matured in, and it is because of this that the whiskey is so palatable when drunk neat, but can also blend with other flavours perfectly in cocktails.

Drink However You Enjoy Whiskey

Gone are the days of outdated “rules” of whiskey drinking: now, you should drink whiskey however you enjoy it. Malones Triple Cask is an Irish whiskey for modern times. Enjoy neat, over ice, with mixer, or in your favourite whiskey cocktail (we recommend this Old Fashioned recipe).

Find Malones Irish Whiskey – It’s Easy

Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey is now available to buy from Irish Malts and Celtic Whiskey Shop for quick and easy delivery anywhere on the island of Ireland. Check them out and let Malones Triple Cask become your new favourite tipple.

Follow these links to order Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey from Irish Malts or Celtic Whiskey Shop today.

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