The Best Places to Spend St Patrick’s Day in Edinburgh
Malones Whiskey

The Best Places to Spend St Patrick’s Day in Edinburgh

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St Patrick’s day is just around the corner and Edinburgh is getting ready for some huge St Patrick’s day celebrations! After two years on pause, the craic is back. Prepare to dance, sing, and drink Irish whiskey in some of Edinburgh’s best bars and pubs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places in Edinburgh to spend St Patrick’s day, and even drawn up a schedule for a pub crawl St Patrick himself would be proud of.

11am - Start Out At O’Connor’s

O’Connor’s laid-back ambience makes it an ideal place for a spot of St Patrick’s day brunch, before hitting the party scene. This Irish run venue with an extensive selection of Irish whiskey behind the bar will get your St Patrick’s day in Edinburgh off to a solid start.

12:30pm - Drop By Finnegan’s Wake

Established live music venue and Irish pub Finnegan’s Wake is well worth a visit on St Patrick’s day. The pub will be starting to fill up as celebrations crank up a gear, so you can soak up the famous Finnegan’s atmosphere over your first cold, smooth Guinness of the day.

2pm - Don’t Miss The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters’ St Patrick’s day festival promises live music and strong festival vibes. Expect celebrity guests, drag queens, craic'aoke, and the chance to win some epic prizes. St Patrick’s fever will see the vibrant atmosphere this bar usually enjoys multiplied by ten!

3:30pm – Swing By Dropkick Murphy’s

Dropkick Murphy’s has recently reopened and we’re thrilled to see them back and thriving! Their St Patrick’s day event will feature Paddy’s day drinking games, drinks specials and live music. For a little something different, see if you can bag yourself one of 300 green moustaches, or a piece of Guinness merch.

5pm - Call In To Biddy Mulligans

Renowned for a great pint of Guinness any day of the week, call in to Biddy Mulligans on St Patrick’s day for a spectacular pint of the black stuff. Their St Patrick’s day festival promises live music and a great atmosphere.

6:30pm - Party The Night Away At Malones

As Edinburgh’s authentic Irish bar, Malones is the place to be for an electric St Patrick’s day party. Featuring entertaining games, giveaways and live music the event will culminate in an unmissable performance from The Hootin’ Annies, an Irish band with a global talent. Their electric Irish folk set will have you rooted to the dance floor - good job Malones is open ‘til late so you’ll be throwing shapes long into the night.

Malones boasts the largest collection of Irish Whiskey in Scotland, proof that there’s no better place to be on St Patrick’s day outside of the Emerald Isle. Entry to Malones‘ lively St Patrick’s day party is free, simply walk in to bask in the Paddy’s day shenanigans and party the night away.

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