Malones Irish Whiskey - Our Brand Values Explained
Malones Whiskey

Malones Irish Whiskey - Our Brand Values Explained

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Our core values are what give us our identity - it isn't just great Irish whiskey we make, it's sustainable Irish whiskey with a story. In this post we've outlined our core values of family, community and friendship and what they mean to us, including our sustainable processes.


As a family run business, our whiskey started as something for our family to enjoy, and so it is important to us that other families enjoy it just as much. Families come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s generations sat around a dining table or your mates down the pub, Malones Irish Whiskey is made to be enjoyed with the people you respect, value and appreciate.

Generations of our family have owned pubs in Ireland, and it is their passion and intricate knowledge of what makes great Irish whiskey that has been passed down and now cultivated to perfect our Irish whiskey. Some define family as your roots - where you have come from and a means to discover identity, and Malones Triple Cask is very much a product of Ireland.

Much like a family, the three casks that mature our whiskey work together to create something special. Each with their own personality, Kentucky Bourbon, Oloroso Sherry and Red Ale casks contribute caramel sweetness, dark fruits, toffee, oak and vanilla to the whiskey giving a versatile, blended taste that is delicious on its own or with cocktails. In fact, every member of the family can enjoy Malones Irish Whiskey because there are so many ways to drink it.


Coming from Waterford, community has always been important. We believe that community isn’t just about people coming together when things are tough, although that is a benefit - it’s something that you know is always there; something as inevitable as the breezy salty air in a seaside town, or the smell of freshly baked bread when you walk into a bakery. Or for that matter, the fragrant aromas that blanket the air when you open a bottle of Irish whiskey.

Being part of a family who have owned pubs in Waterford for generations means we are well known as providers and pourers of drinks, and when our branch of the family moved away we had the desire to build on this identity within a new community. So, with our pub group – Malones Irish bars – we were bringing people together, cultivating a new community of both Irish and Scottish, and providing people with that unmistakable feeling that defines community. When we took the decision to create our own Irish whiskey, it was only natural that community should be one of our brand’s core values, as bringing people together has always been a part of our culture.


Friendship takes good communication, honesty and integrity, and these are values that we hold dear as a brand. Being open and honest with and listening to our customers is one of our key aims, as is promoting good friendships, since they can be hard to find. One of our key channels for doing this is our news, where we provide transparent brand updates, as well as content that encourages fun with friends over a dram.

Although Irish whiskey drinking habits change – it used to be that drinking neat was the only way, now it's a celebration of experimentation and mixology – one thing that remains consistent is the knowledge that whiskey is best enjoyed with a strong dose of laughter in the company of friends.

If anyone or anything is in need of more friends right now, it’s our planet, and as a brand we strive to make a sustainable Irish whiskey. This means things like ensuring the CO2 produced by the distilling process is offset by wildflowers, reducing waste by donating spent grain to local farms to feed the animals, making sure our supply chain is closed-loop and as sustainable as possible, and sourcing our packaging from verified eco-friendly suppliers.

By focusing on friendship as a core value we aim to contribute to a better world for our ourselves and our customers – or in other words our family, our community and our friends. This is what we call "Real Strength of Spirit".


Where To Buy Malones

Malones Triple Cask Irish Whiskey is a smooth complex blend of flavours, which come alive when enjoyed in the company of others. Try it today from Irish Malts, Celtic Whiskey Shop, or for delivery to the UK find it at Master of Malt.

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